Python Custom Circles With Input

Start by typing this code into a new program.  Name it your last name and the word circles.  Like milstead_circles.

Here’s a link to to the variable and input slide deck.

Type this code in to get started:

Run it and enjoy the freedom to choose a color.

Your mission is to add to the sample program that gives your player a choice of:

-asks for the person’s name and uses it in sentence like, “Hi Rod what color line do you want for your circle?”
-gives your player a choice of fill color and -gives your player a choice of pen color.
-creates a circle with the desired fill and pencolor.
SECOND CIRCLE -asks the user for their second circle line color
-asks the user for the second circle fill color -moves the pen to a new location without a connecting line -draws the second circle

Click here to run the final version of this program.


You will need to create a new variable for the fillcolor and you can’t use the word “fillcolor” – it’s already reserved by Python. Call the variable fill instead.

You will need to use that variable for the fill color just like line 4 in the example.