week of 4-27-2020

We will have our regular meeting this Thursday at 12:45pm. I will email meeting info to you and post it on Google Classroom.

While I am reviewing your Virtual Museum Exhibits I have two photography projects for you. Here’s a video description of this week’s assignment.

Both are due one week from today:

Vertical Panorama Photography

Splash Photography

Both assignments will be listed on Google Classroom and are due on Monday, May 4th (Star Wars Day!).

Scroll down to see sample images from this week’s assignments.


This week’s assignment from Mr. Milstead is to create a Virtual Museum Exhibit on the topic of your choice.  This is due on Monday, April 27th by 3pm.  You will turn it on through Google Classroom.

The Virtual Museum Exhibit details are here.

We will email you details about our mandatory Thursday 12:45 pm meeting virtual class in zoom.  The focus of that session will be to answer questions about this assignment and provide you with help.  We are also happy to work with you one on one.


Today we begin our work with photography and image editing.  All of this will be done on a smartphone and respect that you likely have access to either an iPhone or an Android phone.*  All of the apps we will use for this work are free.

There are two parts to our work this week – watch a short video/answer questions and do some photography.

Part 1: watch this video about graphic artist Elise Swopes. She is my inspiration for our next unit. 

Part 2: Window View photo assignment due by Friday, 4/17/2020 at 3pm:
1. download and install Adobe Photoshop Express**.
>click here for Adobe Photoshop Express on the App Store
>click here for Adobe Photoshop Express on the Google Play Store

2. take a photo of a view from your home.  This can be your favorite view, the closest view to where you spend a significant amount of time, etc.  You choose.  Feel free to include the window as a frame or crop it out.

All I ask are no people, no selfies, no stickers.  Just the view.

3. Use your new Photoshop Express app to modify your window image.  Click here for an intro to Photoshop Express.

4. Turn your Window Image in on Google Classroom.

*I have an iPhone and that’s I will use for tutorials.  Please PLEASE let me know if the phone you can access can’t work with these assignments.

** Why are we using Photoshop Express and not real Photoshop?  Great question.  Not everyone has access to a computer that can handle desktop Photoshop.  Plus, using smartphone apps gets you up and moving away from your computer.  We all need more of that (while maintaining good social distancing and being safe).