We will all meet in the Engineering room.

Split classes to start (Milstead in the shop space) and review our plan for today.
1. programmers and circuit builders will join Gauna in the computer lab to review circuit building with arcade buttons.
2. builders and fabricators will join Milstead in the shop to continue with maze feature building.


We start in 127, review the agenda and then move to Engineering for the rest of our day.

Full project due at the end of class on Thursday, 12/8.

today’s plan:
I. review 3d printing assignment – due by end of class Thursday.
II. review priorities for today and Thursday:
priority 1: complete your 3d design and turn it in by Thursday.
priority 2: start work on the diverter that will send the marble to the left or right.
priority 3: program and/or design one Arduino feature per person for the marble maze.

Videographers should be capturing video and still images of progress AND interviewing  each team member.  Ask them questions like:
“what are you working on now?”
“how does this work with the maze?”
“what’s the biggest challenge in this project?”