Two items today:
1. make some robot plans about weapons, rules and competition.
2. work with a partner to explore using a motor controller with an Arduino and two motors.

Part 1 Robot Planning:

What you will do:
1. work with a partner – or solo – and review the rule & guideline ideas that you shared in class.  Click here to see an anonymous version of your ideas.
2. consider which ideas are meaningful and a good fit for our competition.
3. Login to this Padlet (click here)  with your school username and password.
4. Add your favorite ideas to the Padlet under the most relevant (fitting) category.  Each person (not group) should add at least three ideas to the Padlet.

Part 2 Arduino and Motor Control – follow the link


Hope you had a good three-day weekend.

This is what you need for your home VR setup. For $2,595 that is…

In preparation for your Battlebot work, let’s revisit 3d modeling in Tinkercad.  Each robot will include at least one custom 3d printed part so I want to get some practice designs going.

  1. download this image of the Batman logo
  2. click here to convert the file.
  3. point your browser to tinkercad.com
  4. upload your new Batman logo to tinkercad – I will show you.
  5. we build your custom keychain

Click here for the 3d printed keychain assignment

You will have time to finish up any Photoshop work.


Google’s PALM-E robot follows human instructions to perform chores around the house.

More with Google’s Robot here.

Battlebots update:
I have some more components arriving today.  My next move is to build and program a working robot.  I will share the base code with you.

You will use the starter code and design to build a bluetooth controlled battlebot.  Before the design phase starts, we will choose the competition rules as a class.


  1. finish up your movie poster and turn it in on Canvas as a jpg.
  2. start our next Photoshop phase – all about retouching.  Click here for your next Photoshop assignment.