1. what do you do if you have a substitute teacher in this class?  Go to the class website.
  2. 123d Design quizclick here.  This is a silent quiz.  If a question doesn’t make sense then please ask me.  If you talk to anyone else during the quiz you will receive a zero.
  3. Next project – 3d  Printed Penny Boat.
  4. Complete your TODAY Keychain design and turn it in here.  Make sure that you are sending an STL file.  The following students need to resend their files as STL files:
    5th period: Louis B., Ryan W., Sayer S., Jake B., Jack V.
    7th period: Jacob K., Davis L., Matthew B.
    click here to upload your files
    here’s how to convert files to STL: 
    -in 123d Design click on the top left menu, choose Export as 3d, choose STL as the format
    -make sure that the file has your last name (like milsteadkeychain.svg).  No name=no 3d print.


  1. sit in your assigned seats.
  2. login to your computer.  Let me know if you are having trouble logging in.
  3. To help Mr. Varvil and I to get to know you better, please take a moment to complete this short survey.  Click here for the survey. 
  4. launch Autodesk 123d Design on your computer.
  5. we will explore 123d Design together
  6. 123d Design
    1. import images – images that work well are bold silhouettes.  Fine details do not work well for 3d printing
    2. images must be converted to SVGs – convert jpgs to svg files
  7. first 3d printing project – keychain
  8. export your finished 3d print as an STL file and email it as an attachment to drake3dprinter@gmail.com.  You cannot use your school district email to send this file.