2-26-15 Milstead’s group

Your LAST day of 3d modeling and printing.  For now.  On Monday you will go to Varvil’s room.

TODAY use your time wisely as you have three tasks to accomplish.

1. finish your Dream Structure

2. start – and finish – the Kinetic 3d printed piece

3. write a summary blog post that describes:
-what you learned about what can be done with 3d design and printing?
-what you learned about the limitations of 3d printing?
-what you would like to do  next in this class related to 3d printing?

2/12/15 with Varvil

Today’s goals:

Complete and submit your MultiMeter design as an attachment to Bvarvil@tamdistrict.org

Create a blog post titled “CAD/CAM with PlasmaCAM”. On this post, include:

  • Picture(s) of your cardboard version of your multimeter design
  • screenshot(s) of the CAD PlasmaCAM design you created using relative coordinates.
  • Pictures of your cut multimeter (If it gets cut)

Copy and address the prompts in this post:
1)”What is the goal of this CAD/CAM Project as you understand it? What are the learning goals as you understand them?”
2)”Describe your project. What is it? What does it do?”
3)”Describe the measurements that are critical for this project to be successful”

2-3-2015/Milstead’s group

1.  based on the measurements that you made of the flash drive it’s time to design.  Using your design worksheet, draw an image of your design.  Be sure to include measurements of the design itself.  You are limited to a final design that is no larger than 60mm x 100 mm.

2. Start designing.  Begin by designing the space (hole) that will hold the flash drive itself.  This is a good time to measure the flash drive AGAIN.  Measure twice, cut once.  A significant part of your grade is based on how well your measurements accurately allow for the flash drive to be hot glued into the 3d print.

3. After you have built the hole you may begin designing the outer case.