At the end of today’s class you will receive a grade based on your overall progress on your project.

5- nearly done
4- on track to be done by deadline
3- need to use tutorial time
2- barely started
1- little progress

Including today (4/27)  you have three block periods and one Monday.  This is due at the end of class next Thursday.

At the end of today’s class please provide:
1. Setup any cardboard model with your name on it.  Do this even if it is incomplete.
2. Place your breadboard circuit, with you name on it, in or on your model
3. Print out any code related to this project – put your name on the first line as a comment.  Either tape this to your cardboard model or give your printed program to Varvil or Milstead.


today’s agenda:

  1. If you have not submitted a project proposal click here to do so.
  2. Complete the Stoplight Project before you begin your Input/Output Project.
  3. When you complete your Stoplight Project show it to Mr. Craig, Mr. Milstead or Mr. Varvil for credit.
  4. Input/Output Project – you may work on any portion of your project – choose from the following:
    1. Breadboard
    2. Construction
    3. Programming
    4. Wiring
  5. Last 5 minutes of class: review individual project progress as a group.