Part 2: Arduino Blinking LED using tinkercad

To have success make sure that you have completed PART 1.

Click here to watch the Part 2 video tutorial.

  1. Keep the code from Part 1 in place.  Login to and open your blink program circuit.
  2. Modify your breadboard so it looks like this – make sure that you change wire colors to match and use a 220 ohm resistor (look at the stripes – your resistor should have red-red-brown stripes):Screen Shot 2016-03-18 at 10.51.33 AM
  3. Run the blink code from Part 1 by clicking on Start Simulation in the top right hand corner.  What happens?
  4. Modify the code, changing the delay values.
  5. How would you change the code to get different blink patterns?

Now go to Part 3 – Blinking Multiple LEDs.