During the exam you may not:

-talk to anyone other than Mr. Milstead or Mr. Davis
-refer to any website or resource at anytime
-open any website other than the exam
-ask questions of another student

Please don’t hesitate to ask Mr. Milstead or Mr. Davis if you have any questions.

1. After you have completed the multiple choice exam, you may choose to take the servo extra credit exam.  It can only help your grade.  The extra credit exam will not hurt your grade in any way.

2. After you have completed the online exam please ask your teacher for the Arduino programming question.  This is part of your exam grade and IS NOT extra credit.

3. After you have taken all parts of the exam please complete the class survey.

  1. click here to take the exam
  2. click here to take the servo extra credit exam
  3. click here to take the anonymous, end of year class survey


Student project evaluations – each of you will receive a form.  Each project has a colored dot on it.  Only grade the dots that match your assigned color.

2019 6 PT sample student eval Passion Project

Grade each project on a scale of 0-5 for:
Quality of Work

You have three votes for three awards – use them wisely:
People’s Choice
Best Finished Product

1. Grab a POST – IT Note.

2. Write your name and project name on the Post-IT.

3. Put Post-It on your project.

4. Start grading.

Final exam agenda – click here for the exam review sheet:
1. split into two rooms – Engineering Computer lab and room 127.  Click here to see who goes where.
2. take the exam:
-multiple choice questions – servo programming and wiring will be extra credit.
-write an Arduino program that will  require variables, delays, inputs, outputs and an if/else statement
-student survey
3. after the exam we meetup in Engineering for The Principles of Tech Award Ceremony.