Input/Output Project: you have four block period and one Monday class to complete this project.

Your work today:
1. if you are including any CAD/CAM work in this project please send TODAY.  This allows time to laser cut or 3d print and make adjustments.  Don’t wait until the last minute.
2. testing testing testing – let’s say you are going to open and close a door with a servo.  Test this today with some scrap cardboard to make sure this idea is doable.
3. make programming a priority.  Don’t save it for last.


laser cutting tutorials

programming servos

programming a button input


Congratulations to all groups on your dioramas.  Hard work and planning paid off.

We will finish grading your programs today and enjoy an award ceremony on Tuesday.


  1. Twenty minutes of shop and lab cleanup.
  2. Final project introduction: Input/Output Mini-Project – due June 7th.
  3. Discussion – examples of devices or machines.
  4. Sketch your design idea into your notebook – get approval.  During this time ONE person from each diorama group should open their Arduino program for grading.  You do not need to print your code.
  5. Complete this project proposal form for Milstead and Varvil.
  6. Begin your work.

due at end of period:
1. approval of sketch and idea from teachers.
2. submit form.
3. begin work.

5-14 & 5-15-18

Monday and Tuesday are work time in preparation for your dress rehearsal on Wednesday.

Wednesday tutorial: Mrs. Buchanan and Mr. Milstead will host a work period in tutorial on Wednesday in the Engineering room.  Please tell your 10th grade group members.

During Tuesday’s class:
-check in with Mr. Milstead about any laser cuts or 3d prints that still need to be printed
-your diorama should be ready to move on Wednesday.  Make sure you have a power plug included in your diorama.
-use a paper or cardboard place holder for any objects that have not been laser cut or 3d printed.


  1. more info on programming inputs
  2. servo wiring
  3. status of your laser cut



  1. Check the status of your laser cut right here.  Updated as of 11:00am today.
  2. I have emailed groups who have issues with margins, cutlines OR I had questions about your design.  Check your email when you are in lab.  Don’t wait.
  3. Laser cutting tutorials here.
  4. Wednesday – Mrs. Buchanan and Mr. Milstead will be in the Engineering room.  Come here for help and work time.  Tell your sophomore group members.

In the lab:

Alex and Evan – let’s talk about creating multiple versions of your laser cut designs.


Mr. Varvil is out today.  We will leave the shop and lab looking good when we leave.

CAD/CAM file update – you had a busy weekend. Good work on getting those files sent to me.

When will you get them?  I am working through files one at a time.

How can we help?  I have to check each file to see if it has a cutline and margins.  If it doesn’t then I have to email you back and tell you to fix the file.  These files will be done LAST.  This slows down the process.  IF you know you didn’t set a cutline or a margin then redo the file TODAY and send it to me.  Here’s how.

May 16th is your big dress rehearsal.

May 23rd is community night.


We have received over 40 CAD/CAM files since Tuesday and we are busy laser cutting and 3d printing.  Check the status of your CAD/CAM jobs by clicking here.

Friday, May 4th is the last day to submit files for laser cutting or 3d printing.  Act now. Any files received later than May 4th will not be cut or printed and you will lose credit.

Important dates:

Friday, May 4th – last day to submit CAD/CAM design files.  Also Star Wars Day.

Wednesday, May 16th – full dress rehearsal with working diorama.

Wednesday, May 22nd – last day to work on diorama during 7th period.