We are off to a great start with Arduino.

You have two tasks due today.  If you complete your work before the end of class you may work on material for another.  Do not play computer games or play on your phone:

  1. add at least four LEDs to your Arduino circuit that we build in tinkercad.com.  Details and video tutorial right here: http://rodmilstead.com/pt/arduino-blinking-multiple-leds-123dcircuit/
  2. Arduino quiz: you may use Google to research the answers for this quiz.  Click here for the quiz: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSeCEZiJ818FuYDfkAxSYtyLv_gHvG8mgyhQR3jvmhBHA5yP6w/viewform


Tuesday – back to Engineering to finish up your card structures.  We are waiting for more supplies to come in!

Today: removing a background from an image in Photoshop.

Download both images onto your computer:
We will use Select, Subject to get started on this image.

Liu Bolin – concealment/performance artist – check out his website
Try Select, Subject on this one…does it work?  Probably not so we will use Magnetic Lasso and Quick Mask.

Take your image of Liu Bolin and place it on another image.  Save it as a JPG and turn it in on Canvas.



Introductions and Card Engineering

  1. We will continue with your introductory presentations so that I can learn more about YOU.  While presenters are speaking, please do the following:
    >give them your attention
    >keep your monitor off
    >keep your phone in your  bag.  I will gladly take your phone if it’s a distraction.
  2. After three or four presenters have finished, those folks will be sent to the shop to build card houses.  Read on for details!

Card Engineering 

As a kid (and older) I have spent many happy hours building playing card structures.  These were free standing structures and if I got more than three or four stories off the floor before a collapse it was a good day.

Your mission today is a bit different. You and your group will select an existing structure that you would like to recreate with playing cards.  You GET to use hot glue, a wooden base and you can cut the cards.

  1. as a group, choose the structure that you would like to model.  Print out at least one reference image.
  2. Think about the scale of your model to get started.  If you are building a model of the White House in Washington, DC, the actual dimensions of the building are 152 feet by 168 feet.  If you said that one inch equals one foot then your card structure would be TOO big (14 feet wide).  So let’s say that a quarter inch equals one foot.  Then your playing card White House would be 3.5 feet wide.  That’s more manageable.
  3. Draw the outline on your wooden base.
  4. Think about how you want to divide the building process.

Pro tips:
1. hot glue sparingly – too much will make your construction heavy from the weight of the glue.
2. talk to the other people in your group and decide who will start building which part.