We meet in Engineering today and Tuesday.


  1. meet in group: choose a leader and vice president.

2. meet your neighbors.

3. come to agreement with neighbors about connecting bike paths, transit, and bridges (if you are on the water).

4. decide on what EXTRA, custom features you will add to your hex.

5. fill out this Google formone per group.  You may use the link or QR code. 

6. if you have time, start sketching on your wrapped hex.  Use the paper.


Happy Star Wars Day!  What’s your favorite Star Wars movie?

today’s agenda:
1. Mr. Milstead’s memories of seeing Star Wars when he was nine years old.
2. Intro to TomorrowLand project.
3. Make a list of what our city needs – what are MUST haves?
4. Work remotely with other class to place these items on our city map.
BREAK – take our backpacks down to Engineering.
5. Meet your group.
6. Random drawing to select your hex on the map.
7. Decide what you will include on your group’s hex panel:
>what’s the assigned feature?
>what is the socially responsible OR fun feature OR both (for extra credit) that you will add to your group’s hex?
8. Each group submits a Google Form to provide answers to the questions in item number 7.  Link to form here: https://forms.gle/CuxEbDuECMuf5kcF6 or use the QR code.