1. I have printed all submitted keychains and rings.  Please check the center table for the completed designs.  Remove them carefully from the build plates – you must wear gloves when using the scraper tool.  NOTE: if your design has not printed please check your email – some designs were too large to print or were not public.
  2. The magnets are in the cardboard box on the center table.  Use the magnets to do a test fit.
    1. if the fit is good then we will glue the magnets on Monday.
    2. if the fit needs to be redone then remeasure your magnet, redesign your ring and resubmit it.  This is all part of learning 3d design.
  3. If you have not submitted a ring design please finish it today.
  4. Once you have completed the above tasks please read and begin work on your next design – Engineering Notebook Clip.


tech news


review Magnetic Ring assignment.

If you have not finished and submitted your keychain do that first.  Then answer questions 1-3 on your Project Website.  Click here for a link to the questions.

If your keychain has been printed then do the following:

  1. remove the raft and clean up the design.  Put any plastic bits in the garbage.
  2. take a photo of your keychain for posting on your project website.
  3. update your project website by answering questions 4 and 5.

After you have updated your project website for the keychain then move onto the magnetic ring project.

  1. fill out the measurement worksheet-
    1. measure your finger at the knuckle. Then do it again.  Write down the measurement.
    2. measure your magnet.  Then do it again.  Write down both measurements.
    3. draw three different design for your ring.
  2. show me your completed measurement worksheet.
  3. start designing your ring.
  4. submit your ring here – make it public first.
  5. then answer questions 1-3 on your project website.


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3d printed Ironman hand for child by Limbitless


  1. Point your browser to drakesoe.wordpress.com Hey look – you are here!
  2. Create your tinkercad.com account – once you get logged check out the lessons while everyone gets caught up with you.
  3. tinkercad skills:
  4. and now…your first 3d print: the keychain.



It’s our last day to get work done in the lab.  On Monday we will all meet in Varvil’s room and you will spend the next three weeks working with him.

Each of you will receive an exit ticket to track your progress.  You must show me this at end of class to leave the room.  Anything that you have not completed by the end of class TODAY is due on Monday.  It is your homework.

Make sure that your website is current and up to date.  The following projects should be documented on your project website:

Follow these guidelines to make sure that your projects are current.


  1. finish and photograph your ring and/or keychain. If your design has not been printed yet, you should take a screenshot from tinkercad and use that as part of your project description.  Follow this link to answer all of the questions about your ring and/or keychain.
  2. Once you have updated your website for the keychain and ring assignments please review the 3d printed kinectic piece project.    Answer questions 1 and 2 about the project before you begin designing.  Click here to review the questions.  
  3. Begin building the 3d printed kinetic piece in tinkercad.