Did you get to see the Northern Lights?

Scratch group:
Tomorrow is the Rock Paper Scissors tournament.  Please share the URL of your game using this form. 

Robot group:
Last week we worked on:

Part 1: RGB LED – work with a partner to build this circuit.

Part 2: Color Sensor with RGB LED – keep working with a partner and use the RGB LED circuit to build this circuit.

And today you get to add two servos to your circuit so that each servo moves depending on the color that is detected.  Click here for Part 3: Color Sensor and Servos.


  1. everyone: choose your whether you wish to focus on Arduino/Robots or Scratch programming. 

Team Robot:
1. click here to learn about your next assignment. 
2. click here to tell me about your plans for this assignment. 
3. begin work by building the robot and starting the code.

Team Scratch:
1. Nolan demos mouse trail particles in Scratch – sample here.
2. Follow this tutorial: How To Make A Particle in Scratch.
3. Create your own Scratch program with custom particles.