Yes!  More Arduino today.

  1. Take your Multiple LED with Button circuit from Tinkercad
    and build it as a real circuit. Click here for tips on moving your program from Tinkercad to an Arduino.
    When you are done:
    >call me over and let me check it out for a grade.
    >disassemble your circuit, put the parts in the correct bins and start:
  2. The Arduino and Servos assignment.
    You will learn how to add movement to your circuit by using a servo motor.


Today is a different schedule to allow for a stop and learn presentation.  Our class finishes at 9:45 am.  Click here for the full schedule. 

today’s work:

  1. presentation: Please turn your monitors off.  We will discuss using actual hardware and the Arduino programming software (IDE).
  2. assignment: Actual Arduino LED Countdown.
    -build and program a working version of your blink circuit.
    -when you have completed your circuit and uploaded the program, you will show me your working final version for credit.


Welcome to February.  By the end of the month we will have gained one more hour of daylight.

Here’s what we get to do today:
1. login to tinkercad.com.
2. open the circuit design that we started in our last class.
3. we will add a second LED and wire to the button.  Then…

1. we start a new circuit design in Tinkercad.
2. together, we will program an Arduino to make LEDs blink under our TOTAL control and add comments to the program.

Assignment: Arduino: Blinking Multiple LEDs 

Next Assignment: Arduino LED countdown


Website group:
Today, we will explore using HTML and CSS to create website buttons.  Click here for details and today’s work. 

Part 1: HTML/CSS buttons – we will build some buttons together.
Part 2: create a two page website using CSS buttons.
>website should have two pages
>the topic of your choice
>place an image and text on each page
>use buttons to link to the two pages together

Photoshop group:
Hybrid Animal – this is one of my favorite Photoshop creations!  You get to blend two (or more) animals together!