HTML: Fun With Scripts

Scripts are portions of code that run either inside of your html or in a separate file.  Using them on your webpage can make it
a) more useful
b) more amusing
c) annoying

or any combination of A, B and C.

They are also useful in improving your understanding of basic HTML and file management.

We will use scripts from

Part 1: we build the Flying Cupids script together.
NOTE – this script does not work if the first line of your html is: <!DOCTYPE html>.  Delete this line.

Part 2: on your own – 

1. Create a folder in your web design folder called “scripts”. You will save your web pages and images into this folder.

2. Using the resources listed below create at least three web pages with three separate effects that use scripts from Create your pages in Brackets.  Remember to save each page with .html at the end.

3. Follow the script instructions carefully- they will tell you WHERE to copy and paste the script into your HTML. You may also find handy ways to change the variables (speed, color, etc).  You may also have to save additional files to make the script work.

4. On each page:
-change the page title to match the script
-create links to your other effects pages.
-link the complete URL of the page where you found your script (