Arduino Blink Countdown

You are building on your programming skills in this assignment.

Start this program in a NEW Tinkercad file.  Please do not modify an existing program or circuit that you have turned in for another assignment. 

Write a program that counts down three LEDS like this:
1. all LEDs on.
2. turn off red* LED.
3. wait a second.
4. turn off next LED.
5.wait a second.
6. turn off last LED.

*color doesn’t matter

Your program should have comments that explain what each line or section does.

Your program should use variables like int red=12;

Your program should have your name at the top of the code as a comment.

Before you turn your completed program in on Canvas make sure to:
-rename your program to 2024YourLastNameCountdown like this 2024MilsteadCountdown
-create a shareable link from Tinkercad.
Follow this link to learn how to rename your program AND share from Tinkercad.

Wiring diagram – this example has one LED wired with a 220 ohm resistor. You need to add two more LEDs for this assignment.


Coding sample – this is starter code that blinks ONE LED. You will need to add to this code to complete the assignment.