First Python Turtle Program

-login to and use the sandbox to create
-write your first program in Python
-create a custom graphic using Python

Login to

Click on the create sandbox button in the top left corner:


Choose Python (with Turtle) and name your new program like this: lastname_firstgraphics (Milstead_firstgraphics). Then click the blue Create Program button.

You will get a wide range of choices for programming. Look in the middle of the page and choose the option for Python (turtle).

Erase the code that in already written and type in these lines into your new Python program – you don’t need to add the line numbers (1, 2, 3…):

Click the Green RUN button and observe your masterpiece.

Now, add additional lines of code to make a square.  HINT: what do you repeat to make a square? Did you get errors?  Check the code for spelling and punctuation.  Try again.

Adding line color: add these two lines of code to your program after line 2:


Use this code as your inspiration to fill your shape with a color – you can find Python color names at the Python color chart:


Now create at three more shapes of your own design. Useful code for making your shapes is to pick the pen up, move it, and then put it down in a new location. Like this:


How to turn in your first turtle graphic:

  1. click the Share button in the top right.
  2. copy the URL from the show code box and turn it in on Canvas.