Welcome back – I hope that the break brought you what you needed.

This week is an alternate schedule thanks to CAASP testing. Click here to see the schedule.

Today – we return to Battlebots!

  1. let’s review the competition rules that we made in class before break.
  2. do you see any rules that need to be added, changed or removed?
  3. your first move should be to begin designing your 3d printed components. Click here for details and starter files.

Recap from before break:

  1. graded assignment: find a partner and submit their name here.  I only need one submission from each team.  It’s ok to work solo as well.
  2. review this really helpful document about Battlebot styles and designs.
  3. graded assignment: work on a draft design for your Battlebot.
    Make room for:
    -at least two motors
    -IR sensor
    -LED light
    1. how will you steer the robot?
    2. how will you easily access the electronics for battery changes and maintenance.
  4. You may turn your design in on Canvas either digitally (create using an app) or take a photo of your drawn design.

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