2-27& 2-28-18

  1. Open up the index.html page of your Burrito Website – the one with CSS.
  2. Download these two images into your Burrito Website folder -click each image to find the FULL SIZED image. Download the full sized image.
  3. We will use these images as styled backgrounds for your burrito webpage.


CSS Backgrounds

Subtle Backgrounds

4. Now apply a background to your CSS website that you started on Monday.




Welcome Back!

CSS refresher- before break we modified your Burrito Fan Page to include CSS styles.

Today’s work is to refresh your memory on applying CSS to text and images.

  1. Create a two page website above any school appropriate topic – there’s a great deal that has happened over the past week.
  2. Each page should:
    1. link to the other page
    2. have a title
    3. have at least one image
    4. have one paragraph of text (copy paste if you wish)
  3. Now apply the styles:
    1. Use CSS styling on each image.
    2. Apply CSS font styling to your text.

2-15-18 & 2-16-18

  1. finish exam as needed.
  2. working with CSS


  1. make a copy of your burrito website folder. (go to finder, right click on the folder and choose duplicate).
  2. rename the COPY to burrito website style.
  3. open your burrito history page in Brackets.
  4. together we will modify this page using CSS.
  5. place an opening and closing <style> tag below the title tag, and above the closing </head> tag.
  6. Type this between the <style> tags:
  7. save and preview.  What happens?  Try other font-family options…save and preview to see changes.



Changing images with CSS

Changing the border of a div

Aligning elements with CSS


Open your Dream Vacation website AND Fun With Scripts in their own browser windows – gallery walk for all.

Next class – open note/Internet quiz where you will be build a 3 page website using  the following HTML skills:

Formatting text using:

Linking pages and linking to external websites:

Adding images: https://www.w3schools.com/html/html_images.asp

Changing background colors: https://www.w3schools.com/tags/att_body_bgcolor.asp

Making your web page background an image: https://www.w3schools.com/tags/att_body_background.asp