Please be very respectful of your substitute teacher today.  No games…no phones…

Your mission is work on your Dream Vacation website.   Complete at least TWO of your pages during class today.  Secrets to website success include:
>create a folder called Dream Vacation
>find your images FIRST.  Save all of your images into Dream Vacation.
>scroll down to the bottom of the Dream Vacation website for links to help you with the HTML you need for this website.

1-25-18 & 1-26-18

School ends at 12:50.


HTML skills:
1. review adding images
2. change background colors
3. make your background an image
4. create a new page
5. change page title
7. link pages
8. link to external website

your very first website – Dream Vacation

Sample html to get you started- click here!

Linking pages and linking to external websites:

Adding images: https://www.w3schools.com/html/html_images.asp

Changing background colors: https://www.w3schools.com/tags/att_body_bgcolor.asp

Making your web page background an image: https://www.w3schools.com/tags/att_body_background.asp

1-11-18 & 1-12-18

Yes, your iPhone is tracking your location ALL THE TIME.  How it works and how to adjust settings.


First half of class: MORE intro to HTML –
1. start Dreamweaver
2. go to Finder and create a folder called web design.  Create a folder inside of this one called practice.

Second half of class: begin work on web development and design group presentations.  Presentations will be held in class next Thursday.  You have today, and Tuesday to work on this presentation.

  • Topics will be chosen at random from my carefully crafted, organic, GMO-free descriptions.
  • Use some kind of digital presentation to support your work (Google Presentation, Prezi, etc)
  • Everyone in your group MUST speak and contribute
  • Rehearse.  Don’t read from the screen.  Ever.
  • Use visuals more than text.  NO ONE wants to read your presentation.