Battlebot resource page – link to submit 3d files, sample tinkercad files, sample Arduino circuits

Battlebot prep – part 1:
1. work with a partner – or solo – and review the rule & guideline ideas that you shared in class.  Click here to see an anonymous version of your ideas.
2. consider which ideas are meaningful and a good fit for our competition.
3. Login to this Padlet (click here)  with your school username and password.
4. Add your favorite ideas to the Padlet under the most relevant (fitting) category.  Each person (not group) should add at least three ideas to the Padlet.

Part 2:

  1. review the rules
  2. graded assignment: find a partner and submit their name here.  I only need one submission from each team.  It’s ok to work solo as well.
  3. review this really helpful document about Battlebot styles and designs.
  4. graded assignment: work on a draft design for your Battlebot.
    Make room for:
    -at least two motors
    -IR sensor
    -LED light
    1. how will you steer the robot?
    2. how will you easily access the electronics for battery changes and maintenance.
  5. You may turn your design in on Canvas either digitally (create using an app) or take a photo of your drawn design.

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