today’s Metaverse work:

  1. complete one of the Experience Breakdown tutorials.  Only ONE.  Choose the tutorial that is most interesting to you.
  2. send me your completed experience from item 1 by clicking here.
  3. freedom of choice: click here to propose a Metaverse experience that you want to create with your new skills.  Your experience must include the following:
    • at least six scenes
    • use of variables (keys) that customize the experience for the user
    • can be augmented reality, have backgrounds, or both
    • this is an individual project
  4. begin working of your Freedom of Choice experience.


I’m home with a sick kid today.  It happens.

While I am out please keep the following rules and expectations in mind:

  • treat the substitute teacher with a high level of respect.  I expect a glowing report from the substitute teacher.
  • only one student out of the room at a time  – use the hall pass
  • if you leave the room without the substitute teacher’s permission you will receive an unexcused absence
  • no food or drink in the lab
  • only one student out of the room at a time.
  • work on projects and assignments for class.  This is not free time or play time.
  • no computer games.
  • no videos unless related to the assignment given

Today’s work- each of these tutorial will result in a completed program that you will turn in and will be graded.  Work individually – this is not group work.

There are two tutorials and assignments to be completed today.

Part 1: Give and request digital items

Click here for the tutorial
Click here to submit your completed work from this tutorial

Part 2: Collecting user info – in this tutorial you will be introduced to variables and strings.  These are used to collect and display data within a program.

Click here for the tutorial. 
Click here to turn in your completed work from this tutorial.