-review shell
-writing a program in shell vs a Python file
-programing a custom shape with line and fill colors

  1. Open IDLE, open shell
  2. Type in these lines in the Python shell:
  3. Add  your own lines and make a square.  HINT: what do you repeat to make a square? Did you get errors?  Check the code for spelling and punctuation.  Try again.
  4. Now…File, New.
  5. Enter the same lines into your new file to make a square.
  6. Save your file and watch it run.  DON’T NAME YOUR FILE TURTLE.  You can name it newturtle, newshape, etc.
  7. What’s the variable?
  8. Adding color:
  9. Fill the shape with color.
  10. Create shapes of your own design.

Resources and tips:
CTRL-S to save
F5 to run (also asks you to save)

Python color chart

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