Python Thermostat Program

Thermostats must be exciting since Google paid 3.2 billion USD for Nest Thermostats in 2014 and a major energy company is buying a smart home company for 2.8 billion.

To get started watch BOTH of these videos: Video tutorial: how to use > and < less in Python

Video tutorial: using a while loop in Python

What could be more exciting than a thermostat? Ok but let’s be honest, thermostats are everywhere…structures, cars, all kinds of appliances.

Your goal is write a program that controls a thermostat.  Your program will ask the following questions:
-What temperature is it now?
-What temperature do you want?
-Do you want to change the temperature again?

You will use the following Python commands:
-greater than and less than symbols > <
-equals == -variables
-a WHILE loop (see example below)*

The output will depend on if the user wants the temperature to go up or down.  Here is sample output: