Python Choose Your Circles

Your mission is to write a program that does the following – please start this as a BRAND NEW program in codehs sandbox. See below for a sample of your results.

Name it like this: your last name choose your circles and make it a Python Turtle file.  Like this: milstead_chooseyourcircles

1. asks the user for their first name.
2. uses their name in a sentence (“Rod, how many circles would you like?”)
3. asks the user how many circles they want (you may use any other shape as well).
4. asks for a line color.
5. asks for a fill color.
6. asks for a line thickness. Use code like line_size = int(input(“What size line do you want for your circle?))
7. lift the pen up between circles.

Use a function for the circle and is called inside of a for loop. Click here for a sample program with functions.

Variables that you will need (feel free to use your own variable names):
name – the name of the person who is using your program.
number – the number of circles requested.
fill – fill color of the circle
line – line color of the circle
line_size – how thick you want the the line to be
use int(input to collect integers as part of your variable.

Helpful hints:
1. use the variable numbers in your for loop to determine how many times it will run. This will result in the desired number of circles.
2. call your circle function inside of the for loop.
3. set the pencolor and fillcolors inside of your for loop.