Python Buzzfeed Quiz

Your mission is to create a Python program that asks your user a series of questions and then gives an “answer” based on their feedback.

Try my sample Friends quiz

OR here are the Buzzfeed quizzes

The creative side of this is up to you. You get to pick the topic of the quiz.

You can go for “what is your avatar animal?” or “what position should you play in basketball?” or “should you walk or drive to school?” or “what type of car is best for you?”

This can be a solo program or a partner program.

Solo programmers need to ask five questions and have at least three choices of avatar animal/college major choice, etc as an outcome. Example: your avatar animal possibility is either otter, hawk or rabbit OR your basketball position choices are center, forward or point guard. Have at least one multiple choice question.

Partners need to ask eight questions about their avatar animal/college major choice, etc. There should be at least FOUR possible options like your avatar animal possibility is either otter, hawk, wolf or rabbit OR your basketball position choices are center, forward, shooting guardf or point guard. Make at least two multiple choice questions that have at least four options.


  1. choose a focus (avatar animal, best sport for you, ideal career, type of car, etc.)
  2. choose categories of answers that would be more applicable to a specific category.
  3. create code that is original to you. You are welcome to reference my code but it is not there for you to directly copy.

1. ask their name and use it at least three times in your program.
2. make sure that your program has a chance of any pathway being achieved. Don’t make all possible scores go to ONE option.
3. calculate scores based on their responses – like this:

4. Use greater than and less to determine final score.

5. Give an explanation – like 1-3 sentences, as to what their final score means.

6. Use fake effects to make is seem like the program is thinking. Like import time, import os or Python Slow Print.
To slow down your program AND clear the screen put these two lines at the top of your code:



THEN add these two lines where you want the program to pause and clear the screen.