Photoshop Tattoo Effect

Here you can safely live out your tattoo dreams by using Photoshop*.

What you will need:
-an image that needs a tattoo
-images to use as tattoos

Photoshop Select Color Range

Photoshop Basic Tattoo

How do you find the image of the person? Search for an outfit that will reveal enough skin to tattoo. Like “t-shirt” or “rolled up sleeves”.

Photoshop tools: -Select Color Range (to delete white from the tattoo image and make it transparent) -Warp Tool -Resize tool

What you turn in: -either ONE image with multiple tattoos OR two images that have one tattoo each. Your choice.

*in no way does this condone, attempt to condone, support, endorse, or suggest that tattoos are at all cool, interesting, worth it, etc. This is just for Photoshop.