Basic Serial Monitor

Serial monitor is a totally useful tool in Arduino.  You can use it to show what is happening in your program (output), data from a sensor (like temperature) and to accept input from a human.

In this assignment you will modify a copy of your Blink Multiple LEDS circuit to include the code for serial monitor and to show when each LED is on.  Here’s a video of me describing this assignment- you won’t believe what happens next.

Click here for a tutorial on using Basic Serial Monitor in Arduino.

1. start by making a duplicate of your Blink Multiple LEDS circuit OR make a new version of the Blink Multiple LEDS circuit  Please don’t use your original circuit.

2. rename your circuit to Basic Serial Monitor.

3. follow this tutorial to add the serial monitor code to your copy of existing program.  Set the output so that it says something like “red light is on” when the red LED is on.

4. When you are done, activate Serial Monitor in Tinkercad.  You should see information similar to this (and keep scrolling because the loop NEVER STOPS):

Click here to follow the instructions to turn in your Tinkercad circuit.  You can’t just send me the link to your design as it won’t let me look at it.  Please follow the directions above and thanks.

Please turn in the Tinkercad link to your program and circuit on Canvas.