3-6 & 3-7-18

Milstead advisory/crew students – my tutorial is closed today.  I will be in the room until 2:10 and then the room will be closed.  Please take your signed passes to Mrs. Milstead in room 408 at the end of tutorial.  If she does not receive your signed pass you will be marked absent from today’s tutorial.

today we expand the fun of CSS by using it to style the layout of your webpages.

We will use these two resources:
-HTML layout elements

-Sample Code

Together, we will work with the above resource to explore and build a sample page.

Then you get to build your own three page website with using the CSS layout styles from this resource.

  1. create a folder labeled CSS layout.
  2. build a three page website using the subject of your choice.
  3. each page should have:
    1. a title
    2. at least one image
    3. at least one paragraph of text
    4. modified CSS so that the colors and borders differ from the example

Need help with ideas?  Ask me.

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