9-7 & 9-8-17

tech news: Equifax gets hacked and it’s a mess
(this is the info that Equifax keeps)

today’s goals:

  1. trinket.io – this website will be the way that you turn in your Python programs for class: here’s a sample
  2. create your very own trinket.io account – as always, take steps to protect your privacy (no full name, no info about location of your home or school) -go to trinket.io
  3. send a test to Mr. Milstead by clicking here
  4. finish your Python Turtle Graphic – be sure to add comments to your code explaining WHAT the code does.
  5. send your Completed Turtle Graphic code to Mr. Milstead by clicking here.

Get a preview of our plans for next week – this guy types in six lines of code and you won’t believe what happens next!!

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