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Your Choice web assignment

For this assignment, you will create a website on a topic of your choice. Your web page needs to have 5 pages so choose your topic carefully. If you do not have a topic of interest, I can assign you a topic.

Your site needs to include the following:

>A folder, called "yourchoice".
>A home page - the first page of your site, named index.htm, saved in the yourchoice folder.
>a homepage created using sliced graphics in Fireworks.
>Four other pages linked from the home page.
>Links on all pages to all other pages.
>Each page should have a title.
>Each page should have rollover buttons created using Fireworks.
>Each page should have a background using colors or images that allow for readable text.
>There should be at least one relevant image on each page.
>Credit for all images used at the bottom of each page. Credits must include links to the site where the image was found.
>Save all files in the yourchoice folder.

Select Your Topic and Storyboard Your Site - do this first.
You must have your storyboard approved by me BEFORE you start creating your website.

Storyboard Guidelines
Your storyboard should have a total of 6 pages. Your finished storyboard should allow someone who knows nothing about your website to understand how it will look when you have finished the site.

The first page should
>indicate the topic of the site
>have a diagram showing the overall layout of the site
>indicate the topic of each page
>If all pages are not linked to each other, links must be shown indicating how the user will be able to navigate.

To create your storyboard use the Word template available here. You can print out a copy and fill it out by hand or use it in Word. Create one storyboard page for each page of your website.
Each storyboard page should clearly show the following:
>the title of the page
>description of the background of the page
>the layout of the page (where the text will be, where the images will be, where the links/navigation will be, etc.)
>the content of the page (what the links will read, what you will have images of, what text you will use, etc.).

Storyboard template