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Mobile website: San Anselmo

Imagine that you are visiting downtown San Anselmo, having been attracted to the town by the informative and well-designed website created by Drake Web Design students, and you want more info. You find a wifi hotspot in hopes of looking at that website again on your PDA or cell phone.

Unless that site has been tweaked to perform on a mobile device, you will find that the website is unuseable.

Your mission is to tweak YOUR own San Anselmo website to perform well on a mobile device.

Follow these guidelines:

1. Change the overall width of the page to 240 pixels. You may want to break up your page into several, smaller pages to reduce scrolling.

2. Make the background a light color that will contrast with your text color.

3. Change the text font to a sans-serif font like Tahoma, Arial or Verdana.

4. Move all site navigation to the top of the page.

5. Create a separate links page.

6. Remove all but the MOST vital images and graphics. The graphics that you keep should be small in size to reduce download time.

7. Reduce the amount of text on the page to the minimum necessary. Remember, mobile visitors are looking for small bites of info and will get the big pictures elsewhere.

Sample sites:

Many more listed at the about.com site.