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Help San Anselmo

Given the recent flooding and storm damage that San Anselmo has suffered the town is in need of help. Of the town's 250 businesses, at least 150 were damaged by the floodwaters and mud. These small business owners need to let people know that they are open for business and ready for customers.

This site should be at least two pages but more would be appropriate. Keep in mind your audience probably favors simple, clean graphics and complimentary colors (that means NO black backgrounds). A good example of design as well as content: http://abqstyle.com/albuquerque_living/. Use Flash, Imageready, PhotoShop-whatever application will help you in building your design.

Your mission is to create a website that promotes the Town of San Anselmo to Marin residents as well as visitors from other areas.

Areas to include-you can think of more:
-town map
-town location
-calendar of events
-images of San Anselmo and the surroundings (give credit to website where photos are found).
-the message that the town is back in business-- emphasize the positive.
-links to San Anselmo resources (town website, library, historical society, etc)

For inspiration, and to give you a head start, here are some resources:
Official Town of San Anselmo website: http://www.townofsananselmo.org/
|San Anselmo Community Exchange: http://www.sananselmo.com/
San Anselmo Googlism page: http://www.googlism.com/where_is/s/san_anselmo/

Use these resources, and others online, for content.

For the purposes of this assignment you can treat me as the client and ask me for direction. Also, assume that I have never made a web page before and will put design decisions in your hands.