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Drake News

This assignment will make use of your template building skills. Your mission is to create an online newspaper for Drake High. Use your creativity and the link at the bottom of the assignment to add features that will make your site worth visiting even before people read the outstanding articles.

Tutorial: how to create a template.

1. Create a folder in your web design folder called drakenews.

2. Create a folder in the drakenews folder called images.

3. Create a page that you will use for articles and content on the site. There should be links to the following items:

  • the Drake web site
  • the Drake library site
  • your favorite site for news
  • the home page of your Drake News site
  • opinion page
  • news
  • editorial page
  • entertainment page
  • a link to a back issues page

4. You should create the pages highlighted in red on the above list using your article template.

5. Write ONE article for either the opinon page, editorial page or entertainment page of your site. Include a relevant image on the page. Use your template. Use your own words, complete sentences, and spell check/proofread your article.

6. Create a front page for your Drake News site.

Need inspiration? Yahoo has a massive list of online high school newspapers. Enjoy.