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Movie Promotion Assignment

Take the movie that you made in this assignment and build a webpage around it that promotes your film. Before you start look to these sites for inspiration:



Your site should contain the following:

That's right- I didn't choose sites with (excessive) amounts of Flash intros or content.

1) Your embedded video clip-see Adding VIdeo for more help.
2) A graphic created in ImageReady/Photoshop that relates to your video.
3) Fake film reviews.
4) A movie rating (G, PG-13, make your own up).
5) A separate gallery page with stills from your video. Here's how to take a still image from your video.
6) A one paragraph summary of your video-humor is good. Example: This film chronicles the dramatic tale of a boy who buys a bike helmet. Our hero fights through the trauma of a bad fit, pinching chin strap and weird people at the bike store to survive. Ultimately, he is triumphant and wears his new bike helmet with pride."

As always, organize your web content into separate folders like "images" and "video". Name the main page index and save the whole assignment in folder called "videopromo".