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Video- A Day in Your Life

Your mission is to create a video that chronicles an average day in YOUR LIFE. Before we get to the technical details here are some creative guidelines:

  • this could be an average day OR
  • your ultimate day
  • keep it school appropriate

Technical details:

1. Keep the final cut of the video to somewhere between two and three minutes.
2. Open the video with an appropriate title.
3. Close the video with a list of credits that tell the viewer where you found your video clips (YES- you should keep a list of the sites that you used).
4. Use at least three DIFFERENT video clips that you will trim and edit into your final version.
5. Use at least ONE audio clip, sound track or sound effect for your video.
6. Use transitions between your clips (at least two).
7. Save the FINAL VERSION of your video so that it is no larger than 6 megabytes.

Your video will be shown in front of the whole class.

Where do the videos come from?! Great question. Since you aren't creating orginal footage for this project, you will instead rely on the Internet as a source. Here are some good places to start your search:

Video Audio

The Open Video Project

Free Movies

Partners in Rhyme

Free Audio Clips

Can't find what you are looking for? Take a look at my longer list of copyright-friendly resources.

What about using Yahoo video, Altavista video or YouTube? Yahoo and Altavista offer decent video search engines that offer no guarantee of copyright-friendliness. YouTube is great but you can't download and edit the videos (easily).

Do you want some inspiration? Watch this video.