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Dream Vacation Part Two- Photo Gallery using Tables

1. Create a new page for your Dream Vacation website. Save it the same folder as your other Dream Vacation pages.

2. Using tables, create links to the other exisiting pages in your site. You can either create the links menu on the side of the page or across the top of the page using nested tables. Examples- side menu or top menu.

3. Create a folder in dwpractice called images. Save the pictures for your photo gallery into this folder.

4. Add a photo gallery to your page. Use a TWO column table with as many rows as needed. Include a caption for each image in a separate cell below each image. Include at least six images. Reduce or enlarge the images in Dreamweaver to that they are all approximately the same size.

5. Create a link on the other pages of your site that point to your photo gallery page.

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