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Teacher Web Site Project

1. Create a folder on your I drive called "teacher".

2. Create a folder within the teacher folder called "images" within the "teacher" folder. Save all images within this folder.

3. The web site that you create should include the following:
>the home page of the web site should be named index.
>at least three pages linked to each other. The contents of these pages will vary based on the teacher and the classes that they teach. You should think about including information that students might want to see on a teacher's web site.
>each page should have links to the staff member's department page, the Drake Staff Contact List page, the Drake Academics page and the Drake Home Page.
>each page should have links to the other pages in the web site.
>each page should have an appropriate image.
>the layout should include a background color or image.
>text should be readable.

4. Save all completed pages in the "teacher" folder.