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Teacher website evaluation

Your next assignment involve the creation or revision of a Drake teacher's website. To prepare you for this mission review the guidelines below. You will select some possible candidates for revision and discuss what changes you would like to make.

1. Select at least three teacher websites that you would like to revise. You can find Drake teacher websites here: http://drake.marin.k12.ca.us/academics/academics.htm. Why three websites? Some may be too new and not ready for revision.

2. Print out each site.

3. For each site discuss the following questions in clear, typewritten responses. Write at least three complete sentences for each point:

-what do you like about the website?
-what features would you keep?
-what changes would you make to the website?
-what features would you add that would make the website more useful to you as a student?

Feel free to mark up the hard copy of the website to clarify your points above.

Bear in mind that the website could be more than one page and would include content that has been created by the teacher. As their web designer you are not responsible for creating content just the design.

4. Attach your discussion to each website hard copy and put them in the inbox.