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Creating and modifying tables in Dreamweaver MX

1. Start by clicking on Insert and selecting Table from the drop down menu.

2. This menu appears:

ROWS and COLUMNS control basic layout.

CELL- one box in a table.

CELL PADDING- the number of pixels between the edge of a cell and the object (text or image) in the cell.

CELL SPACING- the number of pixels between two cells.

WIDTH-set in either pixels or percentage. Click here for more info.

BORDER- the width of a visible line around a table. A border setting of zero makes the table invisible.

The settings above would create a table that looks like this:


A border of 5 with everything set the same, looks like this:


The border only affects the OUTSIDE of the table.


Click on the BORDER of the table to modify its properties. You will see this menu:

Bg Color- changes the background of the whole table.
Bg Image- adds an image as background to the table.
Brdr Color- changes the color of the border.
Align- set the placement of the table on the page:left, center, right.

Changing the properties of a cell- click into one cell OR highlight all of the cells.

Vertical alignment=top
Vertical alignment=middle
Vertical alignment=bottom
Horizonal alignment=center
Vertical alignment=middle