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A simple page

Using your newly acquired HTML skills create a two page website using the following guidelines:

1. Create a folder called mypage in your web design folder on your I drive.

2. Create a folder called images in your mypage folder.

3. Save all html files related to this assignment in the mypage folder. Save all pictures in the images folder.

4. Use Notepad to create each page. Save your first page as index.html.

5. Put your name between the title tags
<title>Rod Milstead</title>.

6. On your first page include the following in the body:
>Your name.
>An image that represents you.
>A link to your second page.
>Use an image as your background.

7. Save your second page as favorite.html.

8. Title the page Favorites.

9. On your second page include the following:
>Choose two favorite things (bands, movies, food, etc).
>Add a link to your page for each favorite thing.

>Add a link labeled HOME that takes you back to index.html.

10. Done? Proofread and then print out each page from Notepad. I will look at the files in a browser as well.

HELP! Click the link for help.

Basic order of tags in a web page.

Using colors and pictures as backgrounds.

Add an image to your page.

Create a link to another page or website.