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Web Graphics
3D Studio Max
Game Dev

Web Authoring

Web Design
Basic Web Layouts core and common web layouts
Detailed List of Web Layouts excellent for inspiration
Color scheme This tool will assist you in creating web page color combinations and learning the proper hex numbers.
Color chooser another version of the above but with silder bars.
Color Scheme Generator Creates complimentary color schemes.
Newark 1 Clean samples of web design.
Layout and color samples the same information is displayed in a variety of layouts. Notice how the feel of the page changed based on the layout even when the content remains unchanged.
Layout samples same idea as the above with different styles.
Sample layouts and color schemes Good sample color combos for you to enjoy.



 HTML Primer Good intro to HTML with a built-in section to test your HTML.  Eight lessons.
 Frames Frames without the abuse.
 Stylesheets save time and bandwidth
 Webmonkey HTML color    chart #0000CC is navy blue etc.
Cascading Style Sheets In depth tutorial of this time saving methods of web design.
Cascading Style Sheets More unification of web design.  Offers a better step by step approach than the above tutorial
w3schools.com SO vast it is hard to list.  Nice alternative to webmonkey and htmlhelp.


Javascript guide from javascriptguide.com
CNET Javscript resource  


Dreamweaver/Flash buttons flash buttons are your friend
Dreamweaver tutorial Detailed, easy to read.
Dreamweaver lessons Become a Dreamweaver bulder in 
six easy steps!
Dreamweaver frames From Macromedia.


Web Graphics

Splash Page in Flash create a flash animation and convert it to HTML
Fireworks MX create animated gifs in Fireworks
Backgrounds good backgrounds here
Cloud backgrounds  
 Optimizing Web Graphics Taking your page beyond text.
 Sample Web Graphics Same photo-different methods of saving.
 Graphics Tutorials Includes web graphics, 3ds Max, Macromedia Director tutorials. 
 Pictures on My Site-How? Basics of adding graphics to a web page.
 Webmonkey Graphics Reference Huge list of resources.
DHTML rollovers  


Official Adobe 
Photoshop lessons
By the creators themselves.
"Definitive Photoshop 
courtesy Duke University


3D Studio Max from 3D Cafe'
3D Studio Max Tutorial List from about.com


Building a Java Applet Courtesy of IBM WebDev (PDF format)
Introduction to Java in the beginning....you have to start somewhere!

  Game Design and Development

Intro to GameDev from GameDev.net
GameDev school? What will I learn? you would be surprised.
 What language should I use?  GameDev again
Basic game graphics
Beginning game dev