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Rebuild with tables

In this assignment, you will take an existing, two-page web site and rebuild it using tables. Why? To clean up the layout and give you more control over the design of the page.

1. Start by creating a folder called (your last name) replacetables -like milstead replace tables - in your webdesign folder. Create a folder within this folder called images. Save all files and images here.

2. This is the website that you will recreate - click here.

2. Use this layout to create page 1:

banner graphic here - centered
menu links here- at the top of the column blog links here - centered across the cell.

2. You will replace the text links with with linked buttons (provided below). The buttons should be placed in a table so that they are evenly spaced across the page. Each button should be linked to the sites found on the original page.

and add this banner graphic at the top of the page. Make sure that it is centered on the page.

Choose a background color or graphic that looks good and compliments that content of the page.

Title the page "Technology Blogs". Save the page as index in your replacetable folder that you created at the start of this assignment.

Page 2 - the iPad Rumors page

1. For this page you can choose whatever table layout will work best. Be sure to do the following:

>place the four images into a table, one per cell
>build a link to the home page
>create links to the websites shown on the original site

Make sure that all links work and that you have given titles to both pages.