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Website redesign

Your mission is to refresh and redesign the homepage of one of the following web sites.

Your choices are:

1. Go to www.drakehs.org and click on Academics-->Departments. Choose ONE of the department homepages to redesign.

2. OR pick one of the following sites to redesign:

OR find the website of your choice and run it past me for approval.

Choose the color scheme carefully using the color tools available at wellstyled.com. The client is open to a new color scheme that is pleasing to the eye.

Recreate all existing links and make sure that each page links to all other pages. Split the homepage into multiple pages resulting in a cleaner design.

You may work in Photoshop, Fireworks and/or Dreamweaver.

Assignment specifics:

1) create a folder in your webdesign folder labeled redesign.

2) in your redesign folder create a folder labeled images.

3) the filename should be index.

You will not upload this site to bravenet.