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Font Sample

Basic order of tags in a web page.

Font tags and header tags

Using colors and pictures as backgrounds.

Add an image to your page.

Create a link to another page or website.

HTML color codes

The landscape of Southern Marin County sweeps upward to the summit of Mt. Tamalpais. For many of us, Mt. Tamalpais is a significant presence in our everyday lives; it captures our eyes and commands our attention. But the truth is it's not that tall; it's less than 3000 feet, barely a foothill in the Sierra Nevada. But Mt. Tamalpais has the dignity and the presence of a much grander mountain, and it's always had the power to feed our spirit and fuel our imagination.

People are drawn to Mt. Tam for varied reasons. Some are drawn by its spectacular beauty and wondrous views. Others come so their spirits and their bodies might soar. I've often come to escape the stresses of urban life; to connect with nature right in my own backyard and to experience the mountain's subtle changes of season and dramatic changes of weather.