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Using Photoshop to create a sample web page

You will create a total of three sample web pages in Photoshop. Don't worry about the links or HTML; focus on the design.

Each page should have the following:

  • four buttons with text
  • a space for the body of the page
  • at least three different colors
  • a different design than the other two pages

In addition, one page should NOT use the color black anywhere. Branch out. Try something new.

To create your page click on File>New in Photoshop CS and use these settings for your new file:
Name: web page 1 (or 2, or 3).
Preset: Custom.
WIdth: 740 pixels
Height: 450 pixels
Resolution 72 pixels per inch
Color: RGB
Background contents: white

Create a folder in your webdesign folder called "photoshop" and save each file into that folder as a PSD.