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Web forms

An online form provides an easy way for you to receive input from visitors to your web site. Receive a simple email, create a quiz or have your visitors take an online survey. All responses are sent directly to your email.

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There are three parts to successful form creation:
1) use an online script to process your form and send the information to your email.
2) designing the form.
3) adding form objects (text boxes, checkboxes, etc).

Start by creating your script for the form. If you pay to host your website then your provider will give you a script. For the purposes of this class visit http://www.response-o-matic.com/template.htm to create your free script. Fill in the blanks to create your form and then copy and paste the HTML into a blank Dreamweaver document.

Replace the sample form contents with your own form design using Dreamweaver. Click here for details.