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dynamic drive

Scripts navigation- the floating menu on the left is just one example of the scripts available in the menus and navigation section of Dynamic Drive. Text below courtesy apple.com.

You just know a hit when you hear one. Catchy, familiar, yet full of little surprises. Sounds a lot like iPod. Carry your music collection anywhere, listen for up to 12 hours straight, even store files and play games. At $299, the original iPod plays a tune — up to 5,000, in fact — worth learning by heart.

Instant Access
First in a family of musical prodigies, the original iPod remains the archetypical digital music player for Mac and PC. Now hear this: 5,000 songs(1) at your fingertips, everywhere you go. In the car. On the treadmill. At the office. Around the house.

A Click in the Right Direction
Though ease of use has always been the hallmark of iPod, we believe in constantly moving perfection forward. That’s why iPod incorporates the same touch-sensitive Apple Click Wheel that debuted on iPod mini. Without lifting that trusty thumb of yours from the wheel, you can easily select playlists, scroll through thousands of songs and start the music playing. Want that song to play from the beginning again? A single click will do the trick.

Do the Shuffle
Put the Apple Click Wheel to use the next time you want to set your music to shuffle. Right there on the main menu — where it’s very easy to find — you’ll spot the Shuffle Songs option. Everyone’s favorite choice for mixing things up, Shuffle Songs randomly plays the songs in your music library. You’ll never guess what’s coming up next, so you’re always surprised by startling juxtapositions — like a melodic Coldplay song hot on the heels of a Caballé aria.

All-Day Hit Parade
And you can shuffle your way through a lot of songs now that iPod lets you play your music for up to 12 hours on a single battery charge.(2) Imagine: you could fly from New York to Paris and still have hours of listening time left over as you stroll the Champs Elysées. While you’re on the move, iPod keeps you aware of its charge level and when it’s time, iPod’s quick to recharge. Plug it into your computer or a handy wall socket (via the included power adapter) and you can fast-charge iPod in as little as 2 hours.

Songs for a Song
The perfect companion to iPod, iTunes lets you easily build and manage your digital music collection. Since the iTunes Music Store is built right in, you can browse through more than 1 million songs and 9,000 audiobooks until you find just what you’re looking for. Jazz, Reggae, Pop, Electronica, Hip Hop — the iTunes Music Store has it all. And it’s open 24/7. All year long. In the US and most European countries. And on both the Mac and Windows PCs.

As for all of those CDs you already own, iTunes makes it easy to quickly transfer your favorite songs and albums. Just pop a CD into your Mac or PC and click the Import button. You can import music in a variety of formats, such as MP3 or AAC, and at whatever quality level you’d prefer. You can even choose the new Apple Lossless encoder. Music encoded with that option offers sound quality indistinguishable from the original CDs at about half the file size of the original. And with FireWire and USB 2.0 support, you can transfer the music from an entire CD to iPod in just 5 seconds or less.