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Navigation assignment

1. Create a folder in your webdesign folder called "navigation". Create a folder called "images" in the "navigation" folder.

2. Create a four page website that uses a different type of navigation on each page. View samples here and here.
Use four out of these six navigation options:
1) Flash rollovers
2) Rollover buttons
3) Jump menu
4) Flash buttons
5) Image map
6) One of the many fun scripts available.

3. Place a different image on every page.

4. Use a different type of navigation for each page. For example your site might look like this:
-page one: flash buttons
-page two: rollovers
-page three: jump menu
-page four: script from dynamic drive

Each page should indicate the type of navigation used.

5. Make sure that each page has a title. Save all pages in your "navigation" folder.

6. Upload your completed site to your Bravenet site and email me the link to me.
-my email address is rmilstead@tamdistrict.org
-please type NAVIGATION in the subject line
-your url will look something like rpm2009.bravehost.com/navigation/rollover